Zooarchaeology Lab

Zoarchaeology ab
Studies of mammals, birds, and fish.

The Zooarchaeology Laboratory of the Peabody Museum was established in 1981 to facilitate the analysis of faunal remains from archaeological sites (also called Archaeozoology). The laboratory provides working and storage space for students and researchers, who carry out studies on animal bones and teeth from around the world. It is also a teaching facility used for an intensive course on osteoarchaeology, taught every second year by the laboratory's director, Dr. Richard H. Meadow. Dr. Meadow is also available to consult with students and researchers using the laboratory and to assist in designing appropriate research protocols, in identifying specimens, and in evaluating research results.

Public Programs

As part of the Peabody Museum's program of public outreach, the Zooarchaeology Laboratory is opened to the public for limited hours during Massachusetts Archaeology Month. See the Calendar of Events for the dates.